Starting up.

Hello! I’ve made the decision to create a WordPress blog – With the aim of being able to create and produce content that I’m interested and passionate about.

I want to use this space to put forward my own pieces of work, as well as personal posts. I enjoy reviewing games, books and movies, which seems pretty typical, and there’s definitely more than enough blogs in the world for these things. But I want to bring my take on these topics, and voice my own opinions.

That’s not to say this blog will be purely reviews. I want to use it to help keep progress of my other hobbies too, such as running and baking! Which don’t really sound very hand-in-hand.. But when you’re stuffing yourself with scones, running the next day is a good idea.

I’m hoping to bash out a certain amount of content a month, and I’m going to try and keep it nice and varied around the different aspects I’m into. Any constructive criticism is welcome, as I’m by no measure a pro, and I always want to try my best to improve on my skills, and maybe try and branch out when and where possible.

Anyway, that’s enough prattling on. You get what this is all going to be about. I’m not sure when my first offical post will be (Hopefully very soon, I recently ran the Preston 10k and have a draft being prepped!) but it’ll be soon. Thanks for reading!


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